Seneca Lake Academy

by katrina on January 27, 2015

WRFI Community Radio is proud to sponsor Seneca Lake Academy, a free public event to explore the natural and cultural history of Seneca Lake and its environs.  To be held on Saturday, February 28, in Montour Falls (Schuyler County), with free classes from 9am-5pm, followed by a community dinner (Schuyler 4-H fundraiser) at 6pm and an open-mic evening.

Classes (like none you ever took in school) will be offered by a dynamic group of knowledgeable and passionate teachers on a variety of subjects relevant to better understanding Seneca Lake and its unique natural and cultural history. The Seneca Lake Academy is an exploration of things that make Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes region a place that inspires us and a place that people want to live and visit.

Earth Arts of Ithaca will be providing parallel programming for younger children…also at no charge! So bring the whole family!

Sponsored by Finger Lakes Institute, Finger Lakes Land Trust, Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association, The Wetland Trust and WRFI Community Radio.

Pre-registration will likely be required. Send an e-mail to adriannalouise [at] for notification when registration opens and updates on event details as they develop, including any weather-related changes.

A community dinner prepared with locally sourced ingredients will follow the event (a fundraiser run by Schuyler 4-H to support programming for local clubs)

An open-mic evening will follow the dinner (free and open to the public).


Overdue Marathon Results!

by katrina on January 7, 2015

Huge thanks go out to everybody who contributed to our 3rd Annual Fundraising Marathon! This past November, we raised $15,092 from some 193 wonderful donors — our best results yet!  Some of the generous supporters that we are proud to acknowledge here include (in no particular order):

  • David Mazzarella
  • Frances Helmstadter
  • Gail & Naoki Sakai
  • Diane Cohen
  • Martin Hatch
  • Marjory Brooks
  • Holly Gump & Robert Sparks
  • Theresa Alt, in memory of Jean Finley
  • Suzanne & Lynn McMannis
  • Rachel Lampert
  • E. Wayles Browne
  • Nancy Hoffman, in memory of John & Anne Olsen, and William & Catherine Hoffmann
  • Andrew Yale & Brenda Kuhn
  • Michael Smith & Kristen Brennan
  • Nancy Schrempf
  • Katrina Rudmin & John Walsh
  • George Eisman, and the Vegetarian & Vegan Association of Central NY
  • Karl Madeo
  • Don Webster
  • Cathy Emilian
  • Lauren Salzman
  • Leslie Brack
  • Steph & Joe Steinhardt
  • Susan & Ron Salzman
  • Jackie Jablonski
  • David Ethridge, in honor of the volunteers at WRFI! (Editor’s Note: Thanks David!)
  • Ellen Lane
  • G. Dillon Thompson
  • Andy Adelewitz
  • Eric Clay
  • Wylie Schwartz
  • Erica Crytzer
  • Pete Wetherbee
  • Jacquie Lopez
  • Rachael & Elan Shapiro
  • Gay Nicholson
  • John Skrovan, for the Ralph Nader Radio Hour
  • Neil Weinberg
  • Brody Burroughs
  • Lisa Kledzik
  • Leslie Bode
  • Patricia Rodriguez
  • Robert Jetty
  • Lori Sonken
  • Devan Rosen
  • Michael Decatur
  • Maria Klemperer-Johnson
  • Curt Dunnam
  • Garry & Constance Thomas
  • Joyce Kantor
  • Uriel Carpenter
  • Roger Beck
  • Wayne & Kristi Stokes
  • Seamus Eustace
  • Becca Harber
  • Barbara Barry
  • Joanne & Deborah Cipolla-Dennis
  • Toby Levy
  • Michael Lynch & Nancy Richards
  • Aryeal Jackson
  • David Ost
  • Judith Blair, in honor of Chelsea Manning
  • Michael See
  • Jeff Collins
  • Rebecca Stocking
  • John Sullivan
  • Patricia Coogan
  • Maria Jimenez
  • Susie Kossack, in memory of Sheela Kingsbury
  • Roberta & David Sibley
  • Chris Cook
  • Helen Foran
  • Yamila Fournier
  • Julianne Wesley
  • Esther Racoosin
  • Margaret Mackenzie
  • Carlos Gutierrez
  • Jeff Tripp
  • Felix Teitelbaum
  • Domenic Gagliano
  • Victor & Camille Gagliano
  • Sarah Wolff, in honor of Peace
  • David Turkon
  • Steven & Julia Knapp
  • Anna Sidor
  • Robert Levy
  • Katherine Nelson
  • Jim Sherpa
  • Allison Kitchner
  • Tom Blecher
  • Jonathan Hochberg
  • Joseph Steuer
  • Bill Goodman
  • Miles McGrath
  • Anne Horst
  • Jeff Luoma
  • Antonia Glasse
  • George Johann
  • Seamus Murphy
  • Linda Carpenter
  • Marianne Chalif
  • Pam Gueldner
  • Suzanne Motheral
  • Penny Baron & Stephen Singer
  • Nicholas Hill
  • Margaret Stephens
  • Terry Plater
  • Anna Coogan
  • June Locke
  • Lauris McKee
  • Fred & Trudy Henson
  • Lee Ann Van Leer
  • Roger Smith
  • Susan & John Mead
  • Kris Miller
  • Dan Aloi
  • Barbara Noyes
  • Susan Baker-Carr
  • James Turner
  • Maura Stephens
  • Mary Ann Grady, in honor of her mother Theresa Grady
  • Sheila Out
  • Janet Wylde
  • Aaron Gutman, in memory of David Alpert
  • Drew Hoffmann
  • Steven Chupp
  • Lawrence Hirschberger & Saoirse McClory
  • Clare Nicholetti & Cora Ellen Luke


A Peek at the New Shirts

November 2, 2014

Donors who contribute $60 or more (or pledge a recurring monthly donation of $10 or more) during the marathon can choose one of these two great 2014 designs. We’re offering the classic WRFI Flying Fish as well as “The Funky Bunch,” great new art from Jim Garmhausen. Thanks Jim! Also, click here to see a list of […]

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WRFI Fall Fundraiser approaches!

October 31, 2014

Stay tuned because our Fall Fundraiser launches this Sunday, November the two. Why should you listen? We actually  make great radio during our on-air fundraisers! Live music, intermural co-hosting, and a carnival atmosphere all week long! Also, prizes, premiums, and an opportunity to support the one and only WRFI!

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Fall Thanks

October 16, 2014

We have some fine autumn donors to recognize, like Kevin Kelly, Beth Cohen & George Dillmann, James & Terry Byrnes, Winthrop Wetherbee and Saskya Van Nouhuys & Andy Ruina!  Thanks go to them for supporting their local independent community radio station.  To learn how you can join them, please visit our Support page.

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Quietly Driven Results

August 12, 2014

Update: Thanks to some end-of-drive contributions, our new Summer total is $9784, from some 94 donors.  We appreciate contributions from David Shmoys, Lee Adler & Kristin Stevens, Donald Barber, Erica Crytzer, Roger Beck who gave in memory of Fred Madeo, and others for this bump! Thanks to everybody who contributed to this summer’s Quiet Drive! […]

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Quiet drive a resounding success?!

July 27, 2014

Thanks be to all donors! The total is still climbing and the deadline for WRFI tee-shirt orders is the 31st of July, so stay tuned.

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Ithaca on Parade

May 30, 2014

WRFI was well-represented in yesterday’s Ithaca Fest Parade, with our float: Growing People-Powered Radio!  If you were listening, you heard our great News Team deliver in-studio coverage with live reports from the parade sidelines!  Also, if you were listening, here are some photos of what we looked like (thanks to Michael Ludgate):

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